Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Easy Button or no button Towel Topper

Easy Crochet Button or No Button Towel Topper

You Need:worsted weight yarn

decorated towel- one the has a picture at both ends

"I" hook

small steel hook

yarn needle

Button/ or use no button (directions below)

Cut towel in half.

Should have a towel that is decorated at both ends.

Row 1:Take steel hook and single crochet across the cut top oftowel. (doesn't matter how many stitches across if you end with an odd number chain then just stitch in odd number) chain 2. turn.

Row 2: In each stitch put a double crochet across. chain 2. turn.

Row 3:In every other stitch put a double crochet across. (shouldstart to scrunch towel a little bit.)

Row 4:In every stitch put a double crochet across. chain 2, turn.

Row 5: In every other stitch put a double crochet. Chain 2, turn.(keep doing this till you end up with 6 stitches in the middle oftowel)

Row 6: half double crochet in all 6 stitches.

Row 7-11: double crochet. (have 6 stitches all the way)

Row 12-16: single crochet all 6 stitches.

Row 17-18: single crochet every other stitch. Fasten off.

Remember to weave beginning ends in. If using button go to directions below. If using no button, weave in the ending tail.

For Button: Make tail about 8 inches long. Weave the tail throughtop to center of single crochet area. Sew the button on. Weave alittle bit of remaining tail. Cut. Button is put through middle ofthe double crochet area below the single crochet area.

No button used: make a 6 inch chain of yarn used. Single crochettwice in the center of the single crochet area. Make another 6 inchchain. Fasten off.

Tie a bow. Put through the double crochet area. Pattern by Tish

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