Thursday, January 28, 2010

To My Prayer Shawl Buddies: The Yarn Journey

The Yarn’s Journey

© 2010 All Rights Reserved
By: Tish Hoar

As the yarn's journey starts,
It becomes a prayer that comes from the shawl maker's heart,
The yarn becomes a journey of silent prayer,
Through it's twists and knots, the prayer is still there,
The quiet clicking or the swish of the yarn,
Tells you the prayer is still going on,
The Shawl maker adds on another skein,
The prayer is anew and doesn't wane,
As time goes by and the shawl maker's mind sometimes wanders,
The yarn goes on and prayerfully ponders,
A prayer is said and the stitching subsides,
The yarn comes to an end and is knotted and tied,
It begins a new journey and given with prayer,
It's Hope, Faith and Love the recipent wears,
But in the silent echoes you can prayerfully hear,
The prayers, the quiet clicking, and the swish of the yarn,
The yarn never ceases and its silent prayers are still going on...


  1. So beautiful and poignant, Tish!!

  2. Tish, for real, this is such an amazing and an elegant poem. Its very deep and mesmerizing. Looking forward to read your upcoming posts. Stay blessed.