Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plaid Prayer Shawl/Cloth Pattern

Plaid Shawl/Cloth
Supplies: 2 colors (can be with 3 colors)
worsted yarn the best with this pattern.
Size H hook
Stripe sequence: 8 rows of main color.4 rows of other color.
Chain for prayer cloth: 46 (12 inches wide)Chain for prayer shawl: 86 (24 inches wide)
Row 1: DC in 6th ch from hook, * ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next ch; repeat from * across.
Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as first dc plus ch 1, now and throughout), turn; *dc in next dc, ch1; repeat from * across to last sp, skip next ch, dc in next ch.
Rows 3 til desired length: Repeat row 2, at end of length do not change colors.
Last row: slip stitch in each DC. weave in all yarn ends.
Each row will be woven with 2 strands of yarn. Cut strands 12 inches longer than finished shawl or 6 inches longer than prayer cloth.
Row 1: Thread yarn needle with 2 strands of the main color. Leaving at least a 4" for fringe, insert needle through the chain below the first ch 1 sp of first row. Working towards the last row, go down in ch-1 sp of the first row and come up in ch 1 sp of the next row. Continue weaving up and down in each ch-1 sp across. Run needle through the slip stitch on last row. Pull the row so the shawl does not pucker.
Row 2: Do the same with main color, but alternate the up and down weaving with the other row before.FRINGE working across one end, tie a knot with the first three strands ( 2 strands front the first row and one strand from second row)tie a knot with the next two strands ( one strand from the second row, one strand from third row) Continue til all has been used. Trim to desired length,(more little squares use F hook, change the number of chains to suit desired width. Chain in 2's plus 6.)

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